Running through puddles or getting an entire mud bath sounds pretty much like one of the biggest nightmares of a bride. Who thought getting your dress muddied up purposefully would become popular and something to pay for!


Descending into a cave. From there, it depends on what is in the cave. Whether it is mud, water or rocks, you have an unusual new terrain to play with!


Going crazy and colourful with the brush is actually one of the most popular ways to trash the dress, believe it or not!


Borrowing from the most dramatic movie sets of romantic Hollywood movies, rain is a mild way to TTD. The worst that can happen to your dress might actually be just getting soaked.


Changing greasy car tires or spilling all sorts of oils and spices on your gown during cooking are other whimsical ideas in the grease department.


Construction sites, deserted amusement parks, ancient Roman ruins etc. all work for a romantic old-world charm, hope versus destruction, pretty versus barren.

Which one is your favourite, ladies? Would you actually consider it? Tell us what you think about it and get in touch for more amazing wedding inspiration!