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Our Monday Winsitter is back with the most delicious bridesmaids dresses for the new season. 2015 sees gorgeous new trends in wedding wear and we're here to share them with you in the most inspiring and useful way. Pretty & Practical make for great partners. We know how emotional the process of choosing your bridal dress can be and all the efforts and sacrifices the wedding planning requires.

Picking your bridesmaids dresses is part and parcel of the whole odyssey and obviously, securing a smooth and easeful journey is what will bring you the most joy. So why not put your heart into it and turn it into a wee celebration of sisterhood and friendship? You don't have to organise it all by yourself and it doesn't necessarily need to cause a big hassle - you certainly have a team of capable women you can rely on and can complete the task by setting it up as a pleasant diversion that's most welcome.

Where did the whole idea about bridesmaids come from? Naturally, the bridesmaids tradition did not initially mean and look like what it means and looks like today. Back in the Roman times, a bride-to-be was accompanied by a whole 'infantry' of women on her way to her groom's village. Their mission was to protect the bride, her honour and dowry in case the party encountered thugs or jealous suitors attemping to prevent the ceremony.

A late Roman law reportedly required the couple to procure at least ten witnesses to the wedding. Bridesmaids and ushers would don identical clothing in order to outsmart evil spirits trying to recognise the bride and groom and obstruct the wedding. Today, the mission of a bridesmaid still gravitates towards providing support to the bride, yet there is a long garland of aspects to that support. Bridesmaids can help with coordination and various tasks, accompany the bride down the aisle in full glory and be her retinue of guardian angels blessing her marriage.

So bridesmaids indeed are an indispensable and much appreciated part of the bridal party. In previous topics we've covered various dress trends and bridesmaids styling, for instance the mix&match or mismatched styling which has become quite the rage in the last year or so and is continuing to grow fast and strong. We've covered the golden rule: at least 1 out of 3 elements has to be same, e.g. same colour and silhouette & diverse necklines; same silhouette and style & a spectrum of lighter and more saturated hues; or same dress yet mismatched accessories such as shrugs, shoes, earrings, necklaces etc.

Moreover, coordinating body types, heights, haircuts and skin tones is vital for achieving a coherent seraphic look. Winsitter experts usually recommend picking darker hues for the ladies of fair complexion and allocating the lighter hues for the darker skinned ladies. In the end, however, you want a certain unity and clarity in the dress department: whatever feeling, emotion and vision your bridal dress evokes, the same should go for the bridesmaids dresses without them resembling or overpowering the grand dress of the day.

Let us introduce to you five amazing new bridesmaids dresses from the latest designer collections worth checking out!

Enjoy, ladies!