Sandy admits the most joy she derives out of designing the baddies' costumes. While dressing a Disney princess might be tricky, dressing a Disney villain is so much fun!

With Lady Tremaine the focus was on reaching that dramatic icon look embodied by stars like Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall (in the words of Kenneth Branagh, check out the video below!)

'I want to dispel the myth that corsets are uncomfortable,' Powell shared. 'Corsets are uncomfortable if they are made badly or if they don't fit right. If they are made to fit properly, your squeezey bits - like your waist - get pulled in properly, and it shouldn't push on your rib cage. All that it does is makes you aware of your posture.'

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Cinderella is not only the girl with Helena Bonham Carter for a godmother and Swarovski crystal slippers (also designed by Powell inspired by an 1890s shoe she saw in a museum).

In a recent interview, actress Lily James spoke about the message her character embodies:
'I try not to focus on the idea of being the role model or the message of the film. I try to be truthful to the character that we created with Ken, but yeah, I really really do believe in that 'Have courage and be kind' and all will be well. I feel like it's so simple but so so true and if you can just try to remember that in difficult times, you know, maybe it will help you get true. It's underestimated and I think her strength of spirit is unique and powerful and something you can look up to.'