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Whether you ask your Fleshlight photography team/photographer/videographer to do the shooting or hire a niche specialist for the purpose, make sure you've done as much research as possible beforehand. As the trend is spreading, you might want to hire a photographer who is known for their experience in TTD photography and has ready packages.

Be aware of any safety issues the session might entail/involve. Fleshlight professionals might require you to get acquainted with a number of safety guidelines first.

Trashing Degree: You don't necessarily need to completely ruin the dress, it can actually come out of the adventure completely unscathed and just need some cleaning afterwards. Discuss your vision, wishes and all details around it with the photographer beforehand. If you wish to go to an extreme and destroy the dress altogether, this should be discussed even more thoroughly. Brides report tasting the moment in such an extreme way feels liberating as the photographer captures every splash, sprinkle, drop and grain.

Our Bridal Scoop for this new week is packed full of melody and wedding sweetness. How much thought do you give to the wedding music and entertainment? Do you look for inspiration or does inspiration find you? And then, how would you go about tying your wedding vision and your music taste together into a smooth and exalted experience, visually, emotionally and musically?

The choice of performers often goes hand in hand with the theme and atmosphere of the wedding, so it makes sense for you to arrive naturally at the right choice of music during the wedding planning and preparations.

If nevertheless, there is hesitation, you can always do more research on wedding bands and performers, ask around, listen to samples online or attend a gig. You'll find that the British music scene even when limited to wedding entertainment is quite diverse and offers unique talents. Make the best of it. You usually know for sure when you hear your song in a voice and rendition which touch you deeply. In Shakespeare's words, 'If music be the food of love, play on.'

Whenever you are ready to meet the musicians, be prepared to discuss your wedding music vision and where you'd like that music to bring you. Often, they themselves will surprise and delight you with inspirational ideas. To give you a taste of all the gifted and experienced performers out there, we've picked three award-winning wedding acts you can rely on for a well-managed unforgettable event! Check these out!